Welcome to the best Orthopedics surgery centers of Turkey. Shore Consultancy provides the best orthopedic surgeons and hospitals with the best prices for you. You will not only be treated with the determined package prices, you will also admire the attractive beauties of Turkey. The most demanded processes are,

Joint surgery,
Knee surgery,
Hip surgery,
Shoulder surgery,
Backbone surgery.

Orthopedics and Traumatology is a field which deals with the traumatic, congenital and adventitious disorders of musculoskeletal system. By the sub-fields developed in orthopedics in recent years, certain parts of the body are observed and treated in detail. Our hospitals with their extensive and experienced staff provides treatment service for all kinds of diseases and injuries of musculoskeletal system. All orthopedics interventions including the ones which require technical equipment can be performed.



Hip, knee, shoulder, elbow joint prosthesis are applied for young and old adult patients. In these operations that modern materials are used, old patinets are also treated in a very short time and return their daily lives. Besides revision surgery is also successfully applied regarding the slackening and infection problems.


Sports Injuries

Both surgical and conservative treatments of sports injuries are performed to provide to return to sports in the mean time. More successful results are provided by atroschopic method applied to shoulder, knee, elbow, hip and ankle joints. By the help of atroschopic surgery which facilitates post-operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation and provides to return the daily life rapidly, the success of the treatment of sports injuries has increased and the duration of returning to sports decreases.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Recent diagnosis and treatments of skeleton system disorders resulting from congenital problems such as hip dislocation, foot deformities, walking problems, backbone and nerve system disorders are successfully applied. The early diagnosis of neonatal hip dislocation is made by ultrasonography by the help of Radiology Department and early and late period problems are treated successfully both by surgical and nonsurgical methods.