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What is in vitro fertilization treatment?

In vitro fertilization treatment is a process that after a specific medication is performed for the expectant mother, removing ovum from her and taking sperms of expectant father and after washing and cleaning them in the laboratory and selecting the best, letting sperm to fertilize ovum again in the laboratory in a cup called medium full of fluid similar to the one in the uterus of a pregnant women. Mediums are named as tube colloquially. Ovum and sperms find themselves in this fluid like they are uterus canals and fertilize to form an embryo. Embryos start to reproduce by multiplying themselves, first day 2 cells, second day 4 cells, third day 8 cells. Embryos are transferred to the uterus of the mother on the second day. This process is called as in vitro fertilization treatment. After 12 days, a pregnancy test is applied to learn whether the embryos are hung in the uterus. Pregnancy test is applied in two ways both by blood and by urine.

What is microinjection? What is its difference from in vitro fertilization treatment?

Microinjection process is accepted as one step ahead from in vitro fertilization treatment. It has been applied fort he nominates whose number of sperms are insufficient, but recently as it is more successful, when we call in vitro fertilization this process is applied directly. Currently in in vitro fertilization one sperm is taken and injected to the ovum without waiting their fertilization and in this way they are expected to be an embryo.

In vitro fertilization is generally named as Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART) in the hospitals. The goal of in vitro fertilization treatment is to start the pregnancy by letting sperm to fertilize ovum by directly giving the sperm into the ovum; where this sperm is so weak to reach the ovum and fertilize it by a normal relationship.

When in vitro fertilization treatment is applied?

In vitro fertilization treatment; couples must consult a physician specialized in infertility treatment or preferably an in vitro fertilization center when then cannot have a child during one year. The control of the expectant mother and father and the analysis must be performed to learn whether there is a problem. The control of expectant mother with infertility doubt: LH FSH E2 are observed in the blood on the second day of menstruation and inhibin B tests are performed to analyze the egg reserves, Thyroid glades must be tested in order to learn whether they function properly. Free T3, T4 and TSH and other effective hormones regarding reproduction such as DHEA, Androstenedioni I7hydroxyprogesterone, free testosterone are observed. By an uterus x-ray, the uterine tubes must be observed whether they are open. Prolactine hormone must be analyzed whether it is functioning properly. Sperms are taken from the father expectant and are controlled regarding whether there is any problem. If there is not any important problem found (like blockage of uterine tubes, insufficient number of sperm or no sperms), in vitro fertilization treatment does not start immediately.

Sperm Control; Vaccination, How is a Semen analysis given in in vitro fertilization treatments?

In order to give a sperm sample, the man will not enter a sexual relationship for three days. Sperm sample is given in a special sperm giving room found in Laboratory or Medical Center. Healthy sperm analysis result are the ones taken between 3 weeks and 2 months and at least for 3 times. In the results of semen analysis there must be at least 20 ml and live sperm cells must exist in it. Sperms received in vaccination and in vitro fertilization treatments are processed by washing and selecting the best among them.

The cases when in vitro fertilization is required:

In vitro fertilization treatments are applied in cases when vaccination applications are unsuccessful , for the unexplained reason of infertility, insufficient over, individual with congenital vagina abnormality, vaginismus problem, women with part genital tubercolosis. In vitro fertilization treatments for men are applied for individuals with insufficient number of sperms, who cannot perform a proper sexual relationship and who cannot be recovered by classical treatment.

Before the start of In vitro fertilization treatment:

1. The egg development of woman is followed-up and determined whether the egg is cracked for g-fertilization.
2. If there is any problem the patient is followed-up with medication given by the physician.
3. If there is no improvement, vaccination treatment starts.
4. After vaccination treatment which is performed for 3 timed for 2 or 3 months, if there is no result taken, it is recommended to start in vitro fertilization process.