Today as the health sector grows rapidly when health problems of human beings emerge, they are obliged to solve these problems worriedly.

Some questions are regarding which hospital and physician is proper, which analysis and test will be required and in which city or country.

The decision making processes are always stressed. The reason is to be inexperienced regarding how and from where the appointments will be taken, what to do when an advanced analysis and surgery is required.

The wrong orientations of non-experts makes the current situation harder and the extension of the treatment period results in material and mental damages.


Our company introduces you with competent physicians, fully equipped health institutions and organizations and provides the truest diagnosis and treatment in the shortest possible time period. It aims for you to access the best by its consultancy services during the treatment and post-treatment period.


We, as Shore Consultancy, ready to serve you for 24 hours a day during your hard times in order to feel yourselves safe.