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Uveitis Treatment Amblyopia Treatment Major Eye Diseases



Our eyes have the capability to see far and close distances clearly until mid-forties.
But after these ages adults may start to experience problems with their ability to see clearly at close distances. For that reason glasses must be used to see at close distances.
Patients with myopia the problem of farsightedness may start in later ages. In some cataract types temporary recoveries may be observed in the patients with farsightedness. During treatment generally glasses are used.
Even though some surgical methods are used other than glasses, they have not been succeeded yet and widespread. This is also valid for laser treatments.
Contact lenses are other alternatives which can be used in treatment.
Farsightedness is not a disease, it is a natural process which will effect all healthy human beings in their advanced ages.



Eye aches are one of the frequently experienced claims. Diseases such as sinusitis, stress, hypertension, migraine other then eye diseases may result in eye aches.
Reasons: Various diseases such as refractive errors (Problems with the glasses), excessive eye pressure, foreign bodies, infections may result in aches in eyes. Eye aches accompanied with headaches may be examined also by internal diseases, ear nose throat and neurology branches in addition to eye department.




Stinking means a feeling as a foreign body is touching the eye. These stinking which occurs due to restlessness and tiredness may be acceptable unless it will not last a long period.
For Which Diseases Stinking May be a Symptom? Existence of a foreign body in the eye, All infections of conjunctivitis, cornea and sclera, Allergic diseases,
Problems about contact lens, Xerophthalmia, Uveitis,
Eyelid failures may appear with eye stinking.



Watering of eyes is a frequent symptom seen in eye diseases. Watering may be acceptable in windy environments, during crying and laughing, intensive close working environments.
Which Watering Types May be Symptoms of Diseases?
If it lasts long, If is accompanied by claims of redness, stinking, low vision, If it lasts long in babies and children, then it may a symptom of a disease.
During Which Diseases Watering is Experienced?
It can be seen in Blockage of lachrymal duct blockage, Existence of a foreign body in the eye, All infections of conjunctivitis, cornea and sclera,
Allergic diseases,
Problems about contact lens, Xerophthalmia,
Eyelid diseases, Babies with congenital eye pressure.



During Which Diseases Itching is Experienced?
Allergic diseases,
Eyelid diseases.



During Which Diseases Sore is Experienced?
Allergic diseases,
All infections of conjunctivitis, cornea and sclera, Xerophthalmia,
Eyelid diseases.



It is a frequent symptom we experience in our daily life and in eye diseases. It may be accepti-ed as normal due to restlessness and intensive close working environments.
The eyes of some individuals may be always red even though they have no disease.
Redness is the Symptom of Which Diseases?
It may a symptom of
Existence of a foreign body in the eye, All infections of conjunctivitis, cornea and sclera, Allergic diseases,
Problems about contact lens, Xerophthalmia, Uveitis,
Eyelid failures.




Double vision is a symptom seen in a large number diseases.
Diseases which affect eye muscles and nerves: Diabetes, multiple sclerous, cerebral bleeding, brain vessel blockages, thyroid diseases, part operations and traumas…
Eye diseases: cornea irregularities and eye blots, retina decollement, macula diseases.
First of all the disease which results in double vision must be treated. The treatment of double vision can be performed by glasses, prismatic glasses and surgery.



What are Floaters?
It is to see black points and or a flying objects in the field of vision. This black point moves where you look. When an individual looks at white and flat surfaces, they are more clearly realized.
What are the reasons?
There is a transparent fluid in our eyes called vitreous. When individuals grow old, this fluid loses its transparency and if they pull away from the inside surface of the eye and forms a layer like an onion skin. Because of this layer we see floaters. Also in retina decollement and torn, uveitis, migraine and immediate blood pressure changes, these floaters.
Which Floaters Can Be Considered as Disease Symptom?
The symptom of floater is a generally an innocent symptom and does not require any treatment and disappears in time. Besides, it may be severe in the following cases: Suddenly developed floaters,
The floaters which are accompanied with seeing decrease, restriction of visual field, aching, redness may be alarming and require an examination by an eye doctor. If diseases such as retina scars, retina decollement, uveitis are determined during examination, they must be treated. If no disease is determined, there will ne be no need for treatment and claims will decrease in time.



The claims such as photopsies or lightning are generally seen in old ages and they are innocent and riskless. Nevertheless, they may be the symptoms of retina torn or retina decollements. For that reason;
The suddenly developed photopsies which are accompanied with seeing decrease, restriction of visual field require examination.
Photopsies may occur in patients with migraine and low blood pressure.