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What is Cosmetic Gynaeceology?

Cosmetics genital processes are performed due to the demands of the patients and become widespread and increase in number of processes throughout the world. The frequent process is labioplasty (under-sizing the small labium), the treatment of color changes on labium, correction of looseness in big labium (labiomajoraplasty), correction of sag and excess parts on skin of clitoris (clitoral hood reduction), narrowing the vagina with and without surgery (vaginoplasty), treatment of sag of bladder and intestine (cystocele and rectocele repairs), treatment of uterus sagging are performed by surgical operations. The inguinal fat accumulation is removed (pubic liposuction). Abdominal rupture after birth, surgical scars, capillary varicosis, color variations are treated by laser. For suitable patients, abdominoplasty operation is also performed separately or with the other operations.