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Face Lifting

Face lifting is a surgical method which removes the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the face caused by age by tightening and hanging. But in recent years all the interventions regarding the aging of the face are called as facial rejuvenation.
As human beings become older, their facial skin wrinkles, sags, some stains and disorders occur resulting from years, sun lights, daily stresses and other effects (smoking, alcohol, malnutrition). On an old face; the brow lines are clear, eyebrows and eyelids sag, there are bags and lines under the eyes, deep lines at mouth – nose section of the face, cheeks sag, jaw contours disappear, neck is fattened and there is an appearance of leather curtains on the neck. The skin loses its liveliness, sunspots and other spots appear, skin is thinned down and wrinkled. Face lifting surgery as one of the operations of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is called as “face lift” or “rhytidectomy”. By face lifting- rejuvenation operations, the irregularities and sags on brows, faces and necks are removed; excessive fatty tissue on cheeks and neck are removed, face fascia and fatty tissues are elevated by tightening to their current anatomic places, facial tissues are supported, eyelids are straightened and other complementary interventions may be performed (like peeling, filling and botox)

Temporal Brow Lifting

There are horizontal lines in brow which differ from one individual to another. These lines become vertical between the eyebrows. The skin of brow starts to unfasten and sag and the current lines get deeper similar to face due to age. As time goes by the eyebrows sag and the individual gathers a tired look. Malnutrition, smoking, irregular life style, stress, air pollution, insufficient skin care, gravity effect and mimics result in this undesired appearance.

Rejuvenation by Laser

What is Laser Rejuvenation Operation? In addition to the other factors, sun light is also an important factor for the aging of the facial skin. Improper sun bathe and failure to use protective creams increase the skin damages resulting from sun lights. This damage is much on face and hand skin which are open parts of the body. By the effect of sunlight the wrinkles on face increases and the upper layers of skin become unqualified. Recently laser devices are used to rejuvenate the damaged facial skin by sunlight. The implementation of various therapies by laser in medicine has started in 1960s. In last 5 years, the improvements in science and technology lead to the development of more sensitive devices which can be used for human skin. Laser beams are used in various fields of medicine and for the treatment of several skin diseases. Laser beams are produced from several sources. There are currently more than 10 types of laser devices. The following laser types are used for facial rejuvenation. A. Carbon-dioxide laser: It is used fort he removal of benign tumors, in wrinkle therapy and facial rejuvenation. Ebrium YAG Laser: It is used for the removal of arterial masses and for facial rejuvenation. As the effects of these devices are different, both of them are substantially required. Devices including both resources are also produced. By the devices the wrinkles of eye contour and upper lip, damaged upper skin layers are removed.

Eyelid Aesthetic

With increasing age and the effect of gravity loosing and sagging of skin on eyebrows, up and down eyelids and in addition to these bags appear on the eyelids resulting from the herniation of fatty tissues frontward. This situation does not only result in a damage in aesthetic appearance, it may also prevent the view of the individual as the eyelids close the eyes by sagging. By aesthetic eyelid operation, excessive skin is removed and besides the herniated tissues and/or the excessive membrana in front of the fatty tissue is strengthened. By this way, a beautiful appearance is achieved and the eyes of the individual are comforted. A line shall be seen on the upper eyelid after the operation but however as its shape suits to the eyelid, it can be only seen in a very close distance. On the lower eyelid, a line is seen as a normal skin line. Eyelids are the sections of the body where the surgery scars are easily disappears.


Breast Enlargement

Breasts are the structures which completes the physical appearance of women. The volume of breasts have an important function in the measurement of width of shoulders, breast girth, waist and hip circumferences. When the volume of breast is low among these measurements, the appearance of body contour seems incomplete.
Breasts may be structurally small due to various reasons. One breast may be smaller than the other or they may be asymmetric. One breast may be missing congenitally. Recently, the most valid method in order to equalize the breasts or increase their volume is silicon prosthesis (implant).
Breast enlargement operations have been performed by the tissue of the patients, however the results were limited. For example, the breasts can be enlarged by taking fatty tissues of the individual. However, fatty tissue is not a completely permanent method. The main material in breast prosthesis is the silicon placed on the external layer of prosthesis. The internal filling materials may be different. Each prosthesis has advantages and disadvantages. These must be discussed in detail before the operation and must be decided together regarding which one shall be used.

Silicon breast prosthesis (implant)

Products including silicone are are used in cosmetics industry and medicine also for other reasons. Breast prosthesis are the balloon like structures prepared similar to breast. They have also round and drop shaped which is called anatomic. One of them is chosen according to the position of the breast of the women. Balloon part is made of silicone; in order to adjust the tissues of the body, the surface of the prosthesis is produced as ragged. The filling materials of the balloon may change. Currently used breast prosthesis can be named as follows: a. An original silicone gel is filled in a balloon which has also a silicone surface. These produced as ready to use in various dimensions. They have been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in USA in November 2006. b. The internal part of the silicone balloon is empty. Filled with gel (Gell-filled): Filled with saline (Saline-filled): It is filled with saline which is known as salt water colloquially until the desired mass is provided. Recently, it is notified that these are produced as ready to use. c.PVP: Similarly, the silicone balloon is filled with a chemical substance called PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone povidon). It is gelly and ready to use. It is announced that it is removed from the market by the manufacturer. d.Soya Oil: These are ready-to-use prosthesis where the silicone balloons are filled with soya oil. Its usage area is yet new. There is not much information regarding its future results.


Breast Downsizing

What is aesthetic breast downsizing operation? Who are the suitable nominates of this operation? Although aesthetic breast downsizing operation seems as one of the surgeries which is performed for the refinement of the external appearance of women by it is indeed a reconstructive surgery. A large and sagging breast may result in back and neck aches and also saddle back.
There may be numbness resulting from the pressure applied by the bra on the nerves of the arms. Breathing may be hard. The friction of breast skin and chest skin may cause intertrigo and wounds. Daily physical activity may be limited. Big breasts may cause difficulties in choosing dresses and as the woman does not admire herself, it may result in psychological problems.
An operation to be applied for the purpose of breast downsizing will result in a natural appearance of breasts, the aforementioned problems will be resolved, the life of the individual will be facilitated. Breast can be large because of several reasons.
Large breasts which are not suitable to the body size may be formed regarding genetic factors, hormone variations or some diseases. Weight changes, breast feeding and gravity effect may increase the current problem. The increase of breast tissue and large breast due to this may be also seen in young girls.


Breast Lifting

What is aesthetic breasts feeding operation? Who are the suitable nominates of this operation? Breasts may become sag for several reasons. The bonds of the breast tissue may get loose in time. There may be non-adherence between the breast tissue and the skin sheath surrounding it regarding weight changes, breast feeding and gravity effect. The problem may result from breast tissue or skin or both of them. As a result a sagging breast may form with an appearance of empty breast.


Nose Operation

Aesthetic nose operation (rhinoplasty) or nose reshaping operation is the most widespread among the aesthetic operations.
Aesthetic nose operation may undersize or enlarge your nose, may change the shape of the tip of your nose and nose bridge, may downsize tour nostrils and change the angle between your nose and upper lip.
At the same time, it can improve the deviations resulting congenitally and due to injury, or may correct impaired breathing. When does aesthetics nose operation is beneficial? How is it performed? And what results do you wait? If you are interested in aesthetics nose operation, this page may not reply all your questions. Please consult your doctor, if you have anything you do not understand.




The plastic nose surgery may beautify the appearance of your external appearance and increase your self-confidence. However, this does not mean that this operation will change your appearance suitable with your face as you imagine and the other people will behave you different after the operation.
Before deciding the operation, please ask yourself why you want this operation and what you expect from it, think carefully and discuss these with your surgeon.
The most suitable patients for aesthetic nose surgery are not the ones looking for perfection but the ones expecting beautifying and improvement towards a better appearance. Most of the surgeons prefer to postpone the operation until the end of the puberty in order for young people to finalize their growth. This waiting period is until age 14-15 for girls and a little later for boys.
In order to be certain that the operation decision is the decision of the individual other than its family, it is important to consider the social and spiritual compatibility of the youngster. Suction-Assisted Fat Removal Operation (Liposuction) The number of fat cells in the bodies of adults are fixed, however their volume increase. This results in weight gain. Nutrition habits and life style are the most important factors determining the weight balance of human beings.
In order to lose weight, a proper diet and exercise and a regular life style are important. However, even in the individuals who have met these conditions may face persistent fat accumulation. Abdomen, waist, hips, inner and outer thigh, knee are resistant to exercise and fat accumulation areas.
Extensive lipoidosis in these areas can be removed by exercise and diet to a certain extend, but more diet and exercise shall result in the failure of the general metabolism of the body instead of thinning.


What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is an operation which sucks fat from various possible parts of the body by a vacuum or by a special injector or remove fats from the body. It is definitely not a slimming operation, it is a body contour improving operation. The current number of fat cells are diminished in addition to the removal of fatty tissues from the body which are resistant to diet and exercise.
During liposuction operation the resistant fatty area of the body is blown by the fluid injection Afterwards a cut of few mm is applied on this area. Due to the situation of the patient small pipes called cannullas are inserted through a small incision and they are attached to a vacuum device by transparent pipes.

Vacuum device is operated and the cannullas are moved in proper depths in the fatty tissues to start the process of fat removal. This fat suctioning process continues until the desired body contour and additionally a smooth skin are provided. In recent years ultrasound energy is utilized. In this method excessive fatty tissues are burst by ultrasound waves, afterwards suctioned by the similar method by vacuum.

The deep resistant fats are suctioned by liposuction and also by a method developed method in last 10 years called as superficial liposuction or liposculpture, the fat accumulations which results in contour irregularities. Liposculpture technique becomes a method which gives the best result in repairing the sagging skin and removing the resistant cellulitis.

In 1970s when classical liposuction was newly introduced, as the cannulas are rather wide and sharp, the insufficiency of the vacuum devices, it led to severe problems. The process may result in loss of severe levels of fluid and electrolyte.
Some deaths were recorded after this operation. These problems are not valid nowadays. The techniques which have been applied since last years liposuction have taken its place in body contour improvement. The operation doesn’t have any risk if the goal is not slimming, but contour improvement on a proper patient which will be applied in hospital conditions within the limits of safety.
The safety limit is considered as 2,5 – 4,5 liters in various resources.
There are other methods which suction more fat. In these cases, precautions are taken to control the fluid and electrolyte balance, sometimes blood transfusion may be necessary. In fatty degeneration which is called morbide obesity, fat suctioning is applied up to 28 liters provided that the necessary precautions are taken.



Operation is performed under the control of the anaesthesis consultant in the operating room. Local anaesthesis and sedation (narcotizing by vascular Access) combination is preferred. For limited small areas only local anaesthesis can be applied. Operation lasts for 1-5 hours due to the position of the areas where vacuum is applied.
Cannula input holes are not generally stitched or 1-2 stitches are applied. Sometimes by using the cannula holes special thin pipes (diren) are placed which is used fort he discharge of the serum accumulated inside. Due to the scope of the operation it is possible to discharge from the hospital on the same day or after 24 hours.
In the post-operative period, patient generally feels fine. The ache is very little and can be stopped by medication. A special bandage is applied to the areas where vacuum is applied and the patient wears a special corset. After the operation the patient’s wound is dressed. Patient continues to wear a corset. Patient continues to wear the corset for 5-6 weeks. There may be color differences on the areas where vacuum is applied like violescent color. Panicula, princkle and burning sensation can be observed. These will diminished automatically within 3 weeks. Operation scars shall become imperceptible within 2-6 months.


Abdominal Lifting Operation

Who will benefit from Abdominoplasty operation? Abdominal skin sagging which does not reply? Women and men whose abdominal skin sagging which does not reply the diet and exercise, but who have regular body contours are the nominates of this operation. This operation is particularly beneficial for women who have given birth for a couple of times with sagging abdominal area and abdominal stretch marks. The patients who intend to lose wait must postpone this operation.
The women who want to give birth must also postpone this operation after birth.
An abdominaplasty operation will improve your appearance and your self-confidence, however it will not provide an ideal appearance for you and will not remove other problems which require treatment.
Before deciding the operation, you must think your expectations and discuss them with your doctor.

Hair Transplantation

Many factors such as old age, hormone variations and tendency to baldness in the family may result in hair loss. The sooner the hair loss starts the sooner the baldness occurs.
Hair loss may also occur due to burnt and traumas, the surgical interventions to be performed in these cases have reconstructive purposes and the costs may be covered by health insurance.
If you and your doctor decide that hair transplantation is the most proper solution then you must be confident. Because this process has been successfully applied by plastic surgeons for more than 20 years.
If you think hair transplantation, this writing aims to inform you regarding the basic information about the interventions.


The realities about hair loss

The insufficient levels of feed of the scalp, vitamin, vitamin deficiency, dandruff and also wearing hat for long periods are the reasons for creation of baldness.


Important points in hair transplantation

Hair transplantation beautifies your appearance and increases your self-confidence but the result may not be always the same with your ideal. Before deciding a surgical intervention, you must think carefully and assess the situation with your doctor.
The patient who will have hair transplantation must have health hair on the back side and left and right side of their head. The factors such as hardness level, being curly and fuzzy also affects the result of the intervention.
Limited number of techniques are used in hair transplantation. Sometimes two and more techniques are applied together in order to get the best result. Punch graft, mini graft, micro graft, slit graft and strip graft techniques are used for the patient which require small interventions.
The techniques such as phlebs, tissue expansion and under-sizing of hair skin are applied fort he patients who require more dramatic changes.
In addition to these, it must be remembered that sometimes the interventions are limited. It must be kept in mind that for patients with a little hair, this surgery is not suitable.


Hair losses in women

Approximately one woman among five is experiencing hair loss resulting from disease and hormonal changes after menopause. In women hair loss in not like a patch shape as in men. On the contrary a generalized loss and thinning is observed. Women use accessories like wig and postiche.
Some use various medication applied to the surface of hair. The effects of these medications vary from individual to individual but generally they prevent hair loss without stimulating hair growth.
Particularly mini grafts are good alternatives for thickening the thinned area for these patients. Back side of the head where the hair is dense must be used as transmitter. Phlebs and tissue expansion processes can be used for the patients with excessive hair loss.
If you think a surgical operation for your hair, you must not forget that this process does not prevent your hair loss but provides a natural and a dense appearance in the thinned areas.