Management of Health Institutions

Shore Consultancy, being a competent in the management of health institutions, provide business development service for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Branch Centers and other health units partially or as a whole, if required.




Invoicing Services (SGK)

Shore Consultancy with its invoicing specialists, provide consultancy services for the invoicing of the treatment service costs of the health enterprises to Social Security Institution.

Services for Purchase – Sale of Licenses of Health Enterprises

Shore Consultancy consult, due to the demands of its customers, regarding the determination of the value of the licenses of the health enterprises, during the purchase-sale processes and local – international finance processes with mutually worked Experts.



Purchase – Sale Service of Biomedical Device and Medical Consumables

Shore Consultancy provides consultancy regarding the purchase –sale of all biomedical device and medical consumables required by the health institutions.


Human Resources Consultancy

Shore Consultancy provides consultancy for all his customers which serve health services throughout Turkey regarding their employment of health personnel.