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Cardiac Surgery; To stop the heart of an human being on the operating table, to open the body and make the required refinements, then again close the heart and enable to function properly. In the beginning of this century, one of the most important surgeons of his period Billroth said that “The surgeon who attempts to put a stitch on the heart of an human being is condemned to lose its reputation among its colleagues.” and he stated that the subject is that impossible.
In the middle of twentieth century an open cardiac surgery has been performed by the brave attempts of surgeons and big endavours of scientists. In 1955 and 1956 the successful operations of Dr. Lillehei and Dr. Kirklin followed Dr.Gibbon’s in 1953. The congenital cardiac failures were recovered in this context and the cardiac valves which lost their functions were replaced by artificial cardiac valves. In 1967 C.Barnard performed heart transplantation from an human being to another human being based on the operation technique described by N.Shumway. In the same year Dr. Favaloro ve Dr. Effler performed aorta-coronary by-pass surgery by using safen ven (vein).
Since 1975 open cardiac surgery has gained importance in neonatal babies and Switch surgery has started to perform in the first 30 days after birth and then this period decreased to first week after birth. Today open heart surgery is performed for babies in the first day of their lives.
Our country has followed closely the improvements in open heart surgery field and today all kinds of heart surgeries can be applied in safety and success starting from babies to old individuals. The treatment fields of cardiac surgery can be classified briefly as the correction of congenital cardiac failures, operations for cardiac valves resulting from rheumatism, coronary artery by-pass surgeries and heart transplantation.